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 Circle K Ranch is located just a mile outside of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Our house is situated right in the middle of 7 acres of Peace and Quite. 

I breed only Yorkshire Terriers and my yorkies are a part of our family. When you visit The Circle K Ranch, you won't find any outbuildings filled with cages. My dogs live inside the house with me.
I breed for health and temperament. I do not breed undersized dogs to be carried around in a purse, by the trendy rich who posess more dollars than sense. My dogs are all of a healthy weight, in the normal range for a Yorkshire Terrier, 4 to 7 pounds.

My puppies are calm, quiet and well socialized. They are accustom to household noises and smells and children of all ages.  The puppies are raised in a 4x4 pen until they are 6 weeks old.  The pen is divided into 3 areas, a sleeping area, a potty area and a eating and play area.  When they are 3 weeks old and begin to venture from their bed, they learn to leave the sleeping area and go to the potty area.  This is a very important step in their potty training.  When the puppies are 6 weeks old I begin letting them run with the rest of the pack for short periods, during the day, increasing the length of time as they get older. This socializes them and gives them a chance to learn proper dog etiquette.


I strive to produce beautiful, healthy puppies with good temperaments and sturdy bodies.  I guarantee my puppies against  genetic defects for a full year.  I will take my puppies back if for any reason you can no longer care for them.   I select the best, most suitable homes for my puppies to assure that both the family and the puppies will be happy.  I send, with my puppies, a toy and a blanket that smells like momma and their littermates to reduce stress and to make the transition as easy as possible.


I will always be here to answer your phone calls or emails if you have any questions or concerns about your puppy.  When you buy one of my puppies, you get my services for life.  I welcome updates and photos.  I love to see how your new family member has settled into it's new home.

How It Came To Be

I fell in love with Yorkshire Terriers when I got my first yorkie in 1994. I had considered breeding for many years but the time was never right. Then in 2006 when our beloved yorkie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge,   I decided the time was right. I bought books on breeding and searched the internet to learn all that I could about breeding dogs.

I started with just one male and one female, but yorkies are addictive and a year later I bought my 2 parti girls. I have since added two golden colored yorkies and a partri male to our family.


Dos and Don'ts of Buying a Puppy


Do: Research the breed. Make sure the dog will fit your lifestyle. If you want a low maintenance dog to take jogging with you, then a yorkie is probably not your best choice.

Do: Research the breeder. Not all yorkies are created equal. If you find the right breeder they will provide you with the right puppy.

Do: Ask questions. Responsible breeders welcome questions. Ask about their breeding program, What do they consider to be the most important qualities to breed for. Ask how the puppy has been socialized, are the parents kept in cages, at what age are the puppies taken from the mother, etc.

Do: Insist on seeing the puppy walk and play. Many breeders will put the puppy in your hands as you walk through the door and you have no idea of it's body shape or how it walks until you get home. If it's wobbly or hunched back it possibly has health issues. Pass on it and look for another one.

Do: Take your time in choosing a puppy. This puppy is going to be a big part of your life. Make sure it is a good fit with your family.


Don't:  Buy a puppy that is not registered AKC (American Kennel Club), UKC (United Kennel Club), or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club).The other registries will register dogs whos parents do not have papers.    You have no  way of knowing if the dog is even purebred.


Don't: buy a puppy on price alone. If you have done any research, you have probably noticed that that there is a huge price range for yorkies. Beware of breeders that sell for too little, or for too much.

Don't: buy a puppy over the internet unless you are comfortable that the breeder is reputable. They don't always ship the puppy that you chose from a picture on their website. In fact that picture might not even be of their own puppy. Some breeders steal pictures from other websites.

Don't: buy from breeders who have more than one or two litters at a time or have multiple breeds. These are puppy mills. They breed for quantity and not quality. They will sell to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Don't: buy from breeders whose websites are full of hype about how tiny their puppies are or those who claim to have sold to famous people. Just because some famous person bought a puppy from them does not mean that their dogs are well bred.

Don't: buy from brokers or pet stores. You have no idea where the puppy came from or how the parents are kept or what conditions they were raised in. Breeders, who care about their dogs, want to know what type of home the puppies are going to and how they will be taken care of.

Don't: buy a yorkie puppy under 10 weeks old. Young yorkies tend to get hypoglycemia. The stress of going to a new home and all the excitement tires them out and they forget to eat. They could develop hypoglycemia and die before morning.


Don't: send money to someone who is offering their puppy free if you just pay the shipping.  Those are scams, they don't even have a puppy to sell.  Once they get your money you will never hear from them again.


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Please call 605-376-0896 


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Circle K Ranch

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