Boys Or Girls

I’ve been asked, many times, about the difference between boys and girls, other than the obvious.

After talking to many yorkie owners, it is my opinion that the boys tend to be more affectionate and needy than girls. The like to cuddle more and aren’t as independent as the girls. However, this is not rue with all of them, just as with human children, there are personality differences.

A lot of it can depend on how they were handled and cared for prior you coming to live with you. A puppy that is played with and held a lot is more likely to want to be held as opposed to one who was not handled by people

Now let’s talk about Humping and Marking

Many people have expressed concerns about these issues. They have a friend or a neighbor that has a male dog that humps things, or marks in the house, so they do not want a male. Which is good news for those of you are more enlightened on the subject, because males are generally less expensive just for that reason


Humping is “Bad Behavior” and should be addressed as such. Humping your leg or a stuffed animal is not sexual behavior. It is dominant behavior and definitely should not be allowed. If he or she, (yes females will do this too) is humping a toy or a blanket, simply tell them “No” and take it away. If he/she is humping you or another human, is displaying dominant behavior and showing disrespect. In that case you need to do some research on how to become the pack leader, because if allowed to continue they will begin to show other signs of dominance, if they haven’t already done so.



A male dog that is neutered before he reaches puberty should not have any desire to mark. Of course, there are always exceptions, and there are also some female dogs that will mark, but most neutered males will not mark. They won’t even lift their leg to pee, they will squat.